In the year 1886, a group of people from the Baptist Church, seeking a deeper spiritual experience originated the church that we know today as the Church of God.  The first church was located along the Tennessee, North Carolina border.  As they grew, they established a national headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee.  The Church of God is the oldest Pentecostal church/denomination in the United States of America.  It has grown to be an international church.

Hanover Church of God began as a mission work in October 7, 2007 under the direction of Reverend Mary H. Detsch.  On October 5, 2008, the Hanover Church of God was officially organized as a Church of God.  Reverend Bobby Scott, the Northern New England Church of God Regional Overseer officiated over the organizing of the church, receiving 18 members into the church.  Hanover Church of God is located in the Richard W. Black Parks & Recreation Center, 48 Lebanon Street, Hanover NH 03755, Conference Room 212.  We are located across from the Hanover Co-op and within easy walking distance to Dartmouth campus.

Hanover Church of God has senior adult services at the Hanover Terrace Healthcare Center at 2:30pm every 1st 3rd 5th Sunday afternoon.
Reverend Mary H. Detsch was ordained in the Church of God on April 2, 2006.  

Hanover Church of God is an Evangelical Pentecostal church   

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